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A place I’ve been to hundreds of times in a year, Guangzhou Xi Di Er Communication market has undergone rocketed development in the past few years especially in transportation. Even though it enjoys strategic location in the city center, adjacent to Culture Park, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, there were only two ways going there about two years ago: by bus or take taxi. Now you have another two options: by metro or by boat. The nearest metro station is Culture Park, Line 6. If you want to have a great view of the Pearl River, then you can go by boat to Xi Di Er, which is just a few blocks from Xi Di Er markets.

How to go to Guangzhou Xidier Electronic Wholesale Market?

Address: Guangzhou Xi Di Er Road 广州西堤二马路

By Bus: the nearest stop is Culture Park文化公园 or Nanfang Dasha(Nanfang Building) 南方大厦

By metro: the nearest metro station is Culture Park 文化公园

By boat: get off at Xi Di Er Ma Tou 西堤二码头

Product Range: phone accessories, mobile phone parts, phone cases, power banks, phone protectors, speaker, headphone, usb, etc.

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Room 2501, 25/F, South Tower, World Trade Center, No.371-375 Huanshidong Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China(Line 5, Taojin Metro Station, Exit B)



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