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The American chamber of commerce is how to work?


The American chamber of commerce is how to work?


The American chamber of commerce is interest groups


The United States as the world's leading economies, the chamber of commerce (association) of development is relatively mature. American chamber of commerce groups is an interest group, it through various means to affect U.S. economic policy, industrial policy and American foreign economic relations and trade, etc., America's politicians are never afraid to look down upon to it.


When people see the commitment to China's accession to the wto report, threatening the world textiles and clothing trade of China, the white paper in 2006: American companies in China such as reports and publications, often think it must be from a government department or the hands of some professional research institutions. Actually otherwise, they are both by the American chamber of commerce (association) groups. And these reports and publications influence the American government's economic policy, industry policy and the foreign economic and trade relations, the importance of this.


The American chamber of commerce groups will be published many reports and publications, this is based on different purposes. Have a plenty of information to provide service for the chamber of commerce group members, have a plenty of in order to maintain the interests of the chamber of commerce member opinions or to the government's proposals, some is entrusted by the government of the consulting report. Only from these, we can see how big is the role of the American chamber of commerce groups.


The American chamber of commerce groups not union, not the general entrepreneur club, also is not a simple bridge between the government and enterprises, it is an interest group. Groups in both the business leaders of the chamber of commerce and industry elite, has a group of experts and scholars. Chamber of commerce groups for members to provide comprehensive service, not only organize exhibitions and conferences, publications, lectures, and formulate guild regulations and industry development plan, also on behalf of the members to get favorable legislative support to the government.


U.S. government officials and members of congress are respected American chamber of commerce group, because this is the manifestation of service for the society, they can also influence through the chamber of commerce groups to get to the campaign contributions and campaign supporters. So America's politicians are never afraid to look down upon to the American chamber of commerce groups.


"The American chamber of commerce" is the nation's largest business organization, over the past century, it has been playing the role of U.S. businesses face. "The us-china business council" friendly to China, had long insisted that the United States government to give China the most-favoured-nation treatment. And the United States the largest number of a class of chamber of commerce chamber of commerce groups are classified according to the product. To the plane, train, small to the envelope, spring, as long as there is a commodity, will find a corresponding chamber of commerce.


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