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You Will Pay Penalty if Breaking This Law...

发表日期:2017-07-04  小编:系统管理员

It’s reported that the product of Xiaomi TV 2 in the lawsuit, produced by Xiaomi Scientific and Technology Co., Ltd, was found to constitute fraud behavior. 

The court said, the words such as ‘top’, ‘the highest’, ‘the latest’ etc have been greatly used to promote the function and quality of TV set in the sales or online promotion of the products, which is in violation of the provision of item 3 of article IX of Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of ChinaThis behavior not only will be imposed the administrative penalty, but also it’s an induced consumption for the sellers. 

Finally, the verdict was returned that it should refund the payment of RMB 9498 and compensate the plaintiff for RMB 28494.

Advertising Law

We summarize the vocabulary which won’t be allowed to use in the advertisement according to the newly revised ‘Advertising Law’.

a. Words are related with ‘the most’ , ‘the best’, ‘the most favourite’, ‘the most excellent’;

b. Words are related with the levelsuch as ‘the first’, ‘the first of the nation’, ‘the best-seller’;

c. related with first/exclusive,such as ‘the first choice’, ‘the exclusive’;

d. related with the brand, such as ‘the trump’, ‘the world leading brand’;

e. related with fraud behaviorsuch as ‘Click for the reward’, ‘Congratulations on winning’, ‘Free of charge for all the citizen’, etc;

At last, we would like to remind our customers to obey the Advertising Law  so as to avoid the bad influence. 

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