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What’s new for Sharing in Modern Society?

发表日期:2017-07-04  小编:系统管理员

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, Internet shared economy has emerged in our life. So in addition to shared bikes,do you know what else is shared ? And what is the product for Internet shared economy? 

 Shared Bike

Before,there are fewer and fewer bikes on the street,but now it’s different as sharing bikes are well-known overnight. We have witnessed the development of them,and we can see all kinds of bikes everywhere. Moreover, it brings us more convenience. Of course,they’re the product of Internet shared economy.

Shared Auto

The appearance of shared auto is not accidental.Instead, it’s the extension of shared economy. But compared with the shared bike,it will need much more investment and manpower.

Useful appS:Gofun、togo、1°.

Shared Power Bank

When you go shopping, or go to the movie, it’s not hard to find the power bank for your phone charge as it’s also the product of the shared economy, which will naturally follow the basic criteria of sharing

Except for that, still some other products,like the fee shared when you take the car together, shared office, shared house-renting, ect. 

We all believe that with the convenience, it will not only create more opportunities for newly-established enterprises,but also change our world.

So how do you think of it ? Please comment here, thanks !

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