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The Most Complete Key Points of Working Visa & Ext

发表日期:2017-11-04  小编:系统管理员

The Most Complete Key Points of Working Visa & Extension

Recently, the policy of residence and visa extension has been greatly changed. But don’t worry, here are the latest and most comprehensive key points summarized, please have a look !


Instruction of application for the first time:

A.Body check report (should be valid within 6 months)

B. Bachelor degree or above  (must be notarized by Chinese Embassy)

C.Non-criminal records (must be notarized by Chinese Embassy, and it should be valid within 6 months) 

D. Working experience with at least 2 years or above.

E. Office leasing contract and the recorded paper of it (should be valid with the terms of more than one year )

F. Place of Z-visa application (you should consider it carefully if the place of application isn’t your nationality )

G. Domestic Integrity Records System (must provide the true and valid documents)

The Latest Process of Working Visa Extension

A. Please apply for Foreigner’s Work Permit if you’re still the holder of Alien Employment Permit or Foreign Experts Certificate.

B. Apply for extension of residence

Instruction of extension:

a. Educational certificate. (no need notarized, and Bachelor degree and above is high recommended) 

B. Relevant documents of your company business operation .(Company operation report , individual income tax, Corporate Profit Tax , VAT Tax proof)

C. Office leasing contract and recorded paper of it.

 Noted: It should be processed two month . 

The above mentioned key points are for working visa and its extension. If any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks! 

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