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Where Has Your Money Gone?

发表日期:2017-07-05  小编:系统管理员

One night, when you were at home, receiving a message notifying that your bank card was swiped thousand Yuan at another city. How could it be?

Actually this is a new way of bank card’s identity theft. Though the cards are with you all the time, there are still possibilities that they are stolen by frauds. Please remember the followings to keep your bank cards safe in case of identity theft being stolen!


Apply for the bank card through official ways

Do not trust any private ways of applying for bank cards, neither any friends or relatives in disguise by “helping” you. Banks are always the safest ways.


Protect your bank card information

Do not use your bank card at private shops which are less safer than standardized ones. When swiping the card, always keep it within your sight.


Safekeeping invalid or expired cards

Sometimes you may see ads selling invalid or expired cards at the very cheap price, do not trust! That is how your private information is revealed. The correct way is to destroy the magnetic stripes timely.


Be alert of unknown links

When you receive messages containing unknown links, distinguish them carefully. Maybe they are home of Trojan to steal your private information in your phone.


Unidentified “friends”?

Exhilarated when a beautiful girl add you on WeChat? You will be surprised but “she” is actually the fraud using fake profile photo, and “her” real aim is all on your private bank card information of your phone!

When identity theft of your bank card occurs, these solutions may reduce the risks as much as possible.


Block the card

When there is any problem with your bank card transactions, call the bank hotline immediately to block the card.


Print the transaction receipts

Take your card to the local bank or ATM and do whatever transactions (inquiry, withdrawal, etc). Remember to print the transaction receipts to prove that the cards and you are at the same place, without a chance to be used at other cities.

Do you have any other useful tips of protecting the bank cards? Tell us your ideas!

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