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1 Month Left! Declare Your Company's Annual Report

发表日期:2017-07-05  小编:系统管理员

1 Month Left! Declare Your Company's Annual Report Timely

According to Guangdong Province Administration for Industry & Commerce, any enterprise registered in 2016 must declare its annual report to the government. The declaration deadline is 30, June, 2017. Bosses should declare in time to avoid serious consequences!

The serious consequences if the annual report is not declared

China visa application

The legal person of the company might have difficulties applying for China visas or be rejected.

Bank account frozen

The company's bank account might be frozen.


Air & train ticket

The legal person will not be able to buy air tickets and high speed train tickets for the credit information has been shared by government bureaus.


The company will be listed abnormal operation. If it hasn't declared for 3 years, the company will be blacklisted.


Legal person

The legal person of the company is not allowed to be in the same position of other companies.

How to declare?

1.Enter to declare

2.Enter to declare

3.Enter to declare



4.Declare on Guangdong Province Administration for Industry & Commerce mobile app. Scan the QR Code below in the app market on your phone (only for Android users).

5.Follow  广东工商 (Guangdong Province Administration for Industry & Commerce) in the WeChat and declare in it.

*The interfaces above are Chinese so you may need your Chinese friend's help. And before declaration, you should fill in the basic information blanks of the company as logging in.

There is only ONE month left to declare the 2016 enterprise annual report. The reporting system is estimated to be in huddle in the last month, so remember to declare as early as possible!

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