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How to get your driver license changed into Chines

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How to get your driver license changed into Chinese one?


As we all know,international driver license is not admitted in China.You have to get it changed into Chinese driver license if you want to drive in China.Therefore,how could we change the international driver license into Chinese one?Below would be the procedures and documents required.



1 Passport Original

2 Driving License Original

3 Temporary Residence Form

4 Driver License Photos and its photo receipt

5 Body Check Proof Paper



1 First,You need to have the passport and driver license notarized at the local Notarization Office.

2 Then you should have body check done at the defined hospital and get photos taken.

3 With all the documents, you could just go to write the test at the local Vehicle Administration Bureau. Chinese Driving License could be received at the same day if you get it passed.



1 Be sure that your Chinese visa is a multiple entry visa with validity date 3 months or above.And you could stay more than 90 days each time.

3 Different languages would be offered in the written test, so you could be assured.

4 The test is only take about one day and you could get the driver license at the same day.

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