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How to apply for an export license?Check it out!

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How to apply for an export license?Check it out!


Do you still spend money to have shipping companies exporting cargoes for you?


Instead of outsourcing the shipping service, you should actually try to get your own export license and enjoy the higher tax refund of up to 17% of the cargo value, subject to items.



However,it is not everyone could apply for tax refund but general taxpayers,who could issue and utilize Special Fapiao(A kind of invoice used as a voucher for taxes) for tax refunds/deducted.


Generally talking, you could distinguish general taxpayers from taxpayers of small and mediate enterprises by larger-scale enterprises paying more taxes.


What is Export License?

With the export license, you could have the rights to export cargoes under your company’s name without finding a shipping company.In this case,you could avoid the Customs clearance and get much recognized by different Chinese governments.


How to get Export License?

To receive the Export License,you need to set up the records in different departments of government:

1.Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation;

2.China Customs;

3.State Administration of Foreign Exchange;

4.CIQ (China Inspection and Quarantine).


Processing time: One month


Documents prepared:

1.Business License

2.Official Chop


4.Bank Account Open Certificate

5. Currency Exchange Clerk ID+Phone number+email

6.Company Phone number+Fax



1.Higher Export Tax Refund up to 17% of the cargo value, subject to items.

2.With registration set up in different Chinese Governmental Ministries,your export business is much recognized and efficient.

3. Be helpful for China Work Visahave more supportive documents

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