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China Resident Permit

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China Resident Permit


Normally,if you are issued a visa over half years(Visa Z,S1,Q1,J1),you should apply for the Chinese resident permit within 30 days after entering into China.Holding the resident permit,you could travel from and to China at your will within the permit effective date.Plus,only with the resident permit would you be considered as legally working in China. So prepare to apply for China Resident Permit!


Documents required


1. Business License Original and copies

2. Lease Contract Original and copies

3. Lease Contract Registration Record Original and copies

4. Working certificate/card Original

5. Application Report

6. 2 visa photos with blue background and photo receipt

7. Temporary Resident Registration Form

8. Passport original and copies

9. Company seal,financial seal and personal seal



It usually takes 7 days for you to pick up the passport after you submit all the documents.But the specific pick-up date is subject to the government. And actually it would be mentioned on the visa receipt given to you after all the required documents collected.



Official Fee

After documents examined and submitted at the Exit&Entry Administrative Hall,you would be issued a visa receipt with fees on it.


1 For resident permit(not full with one year): 400 yuan;

2 For resident permit(1-3years,including 1 year):800 yuan;

3 For resident permit(3-5years,including 3 years):1000 yuan.




1 Effectively from the National Day Holiday,2017,if you could not collect the passport original in person, the authorized person should have his/her ID card original and copy prepared,and sign and date on the authorized collection form.

2 Make sure that there is someone at the office or have a business trip notice at door if not open.

If there is nobody at the office when officials from Exit&Entry Administrative Hall visit,the company information would not be approved until policemen come and visit again.






There are a variety of locations in Guangzhou that you could go and visit for the resident permit application based on the district. And I would like to mention some locations in the following table:




Working   Hours

Phone   Number


Yuexiu   District

Jiefang   Nan Lu 155

Monday-Friday   8:30-12:00/14:00-17:30 Sat 900-1130Only for Urgent Files



(call   by fixed telephones)

24-hour   Self-service Administration Hall provided

Yuexiu   District Sub office

(Yuexiu   Point)

Haizhu   Zhong Lu


Monday-Friday   8:30-12:00/14:00-17:30



Yuexiu   District Sub office

(Dongshan   Point)

Donghua   Dong Lu 367

Haizhu   District Sub office

Jiangnan   Xi Lu,Zilong Da Jie 18

Monday-Friday   8:30-12:00/14:00-17:30



24-hour   Self-service Administration Hall provided

Liwan   District Sub office

(Liwan   Point)

Guangfu   Zhong Lu 245

Monday-Friday   8:30-12:00/14:00-17:30



24-hour   Self-service Administration Hall provided

Liwan   District Sub office

(Fangcun   Point)

Hedong   Lu 42


Tianhe   District Sub office

Ruanjian   Lu 13

Monday-Thursday9:00-12:00/13:00-17:00   Friday 9:00-12:00/13:00-15:00


Baiyun   District Sub office


Dadao   Bei 331

Monday-Friday   8:30-12:00/14:00-17:30



24-hour   Self-service Administration Hall provided

Huangpu   District Sub office

Gangwan   Lu 83 F2

Monday-Friday   8:30-12:00/14:00-17:30



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