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Notice!Failure to buy social insurances would affe

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Notice!Failure to buy social insurances would affect your work permit!


Social Insurance Required for work permit extension

According to the latest news from Foreign Expect Bureau,foreigners should have social insurance payment records and passport original presented when extending their work permit.Same as the tax paid situation,social insurance is examined and weighed as a contribution factor to China after the enterprises set up for a while and undoubtedly, it could raise up the rate of extending the work permit. 


Company Case

Back from the Golden National Day 2017,files submitted before for several enterprises about the work permit extension have been returned and required social insurance information,including staff names,ID number,position,work content,social insurance number and work permit numbers for the company’s foreign workers.Also, foreigners must submit the social insurance records that have names on it and be stamped with the social security bureau seals.Noticed,color Scan is needed.


Social Insurance Law

Actually,the obligation to buy social insurance does not come from nowhere but already implemented on July 1st,2011, according to the 4th provision of Social Insurance Laws of the People’s Republic of China,enterprises and individuals should pay social insurance by law,have the rights to check on the payment records and personal rights’ records, and require the social insurance agency organizations to provide social insurance consulting services and so on.It is a must for enterprises and labor individuals(including Chinese and Foreigners) in China to participate in social insurance,violation of which would be considered as illegal act and investigated and punished. 


What is Social Insurance

The social insurance includes a wide range, like pension insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational injury insurance and maternity insurance.


Safeguarding the laborers who work legally in China, the social insurance is mandatory and enforceable according to Social Insurance Regulations of the People's Republic of China.


What is the advantages of buying social insurance?

Employers of either local enterprises or foreign-funded enterprises in China here are obliged to buy Social Security Insurance for their employees. And foreign employees enjoys the same rights as local employees.



Your medical expense will be covered observably!

Health insurance bought, you will be entitled to a health-care card, which can be used to buy medicines at regular medical stores, and Medicare IC cards can also be used for outpatient purposes, and to pay for inpatient personal commitment.


If you get injured during work, you can get compensation.

When workers suffer from accidental injury or occupational disease in the production and operation activities, and thus cause death, temporary or permanent incapacity to work, a social insurance system is given to the laborers and their practical legal medical treatment as well as the necessary economic compensation. Such compensation covers both medical and rehabilitation costs, as well as the cost of guaranteeing basic living.



With social insurance paid & accumulated for certain years, you can enjoy your old age with pension!

To provide a stable and reliable source of livelihood for the elderly and ensure their basic living needs when they reach the legal retirement age, both foreigners and locals who have paid for social insurance for 15 years or more can receive pension after they retire.



In case any other situations happen,you could either draw your pension or keep it accumulative in the account.

1 If you leave China before the year you can draw your pension, your social insurance account will be kept and the term of social insurance will be in cumulative calculation if you come back to China for employment.

2 If you leave China before the year you can draw your pension, you can apply for receiving your social insurance deposit in the account.

3 If a foreigner dies, the personal social insurance account can be inherited according to the law.


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