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What is important today for Work Permit Extension?

发表日期:2017-11-02  小编:系统管理员

What is important today for Work Permit Extension?


I know that many of you have this confusion:Why my friends’ working visa is longer than mine based on the similar conditions?


The thing is,have you really known and compared about all the factors with your friends’ based on your situation?Today,I would like to talk about what factors the immigration usually inspect on when evaluating your work permit extension period.


Social Insurance

It is a must for enterprises and labor individuals(including Chinese and Foreigners) in China to participate in social insurance,and the relevant provisions was already issued in 2011.Moreover, you would see that social insurance payment records would be asked for all the foreign employees,and each company must have at least one Chinese employee(social insurance number written down is okay),considered and inspected as a contribution to China.


Company profit tax and salary tax

I guess we have all known about the importance of tax paid to the government: not only will it influence your work permit extension,but also you could not register another new company until you pay off the taxes you owed,neither could you purchase any train or airplane tickets.


As to increase the chance of your work permit extension ,we do recommend you have 8000 as salary and pay at least 5 thousand profit taxes every season.


Chinese Work Permit Points Scoring System

Actually,besides social insurance and taxes contributed to the country,Expert Bureau also inspect on the applicant’s qualification according to a Chinese Work Permit Points Scoring System(Total points:100),which classify work permit into ABC levels by points accumulated associated with his/her annual salary, working experience, age, education background, Chinese language skill,etc.



Based on the scores you obtain by different items in the system,you would be issued a different length of work permit:

Category A applicants(85 points and above) would be classified as high-end Professionals and  generally issued a work permit with a length of over 1 year,depending on the government;


Category B applicants(60-85 points) would be classified as Professional Personnel and generally issued a work permit with a length of 1 year,longer is possible,depending on the government;


Category C applicants(below 60 points) would be classified as Ordinary Applicants and generally issued a work permit with a length of half a year, one year is also possible, depending on the government.

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