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Don't Violate regulations of residence registratio

发表日期:2017-11-02  小编:系统管理员

Don't Violate regulations of residence registration, you will be punished!


Recently,Korean Miss Wang came to visit her husband in China and they lived in an apartment in a certain city.One day morning,Miss Wang was out and lost her passport by accident,which made her worried so much.

Luckily,Miss Wang received the phone call from her landlord saying that her passport was picked up to the police and she could go and get it at the police station the next day.

Why could the police station find the owner such quickly?Originally,Miss Wang registered her place at the local public security right after she lived into the apartment and the policemen just needed to check it up with the registration records and could smoothly found her.

However,it is not all foreigners that would go through residence registration like Miss Wang.After the implementation of <exit & entry administration regulations of the People's Republic of China>,there has been 2 foreigners getting punished for not applying for resident registration and being recorded.

One day in July,a Korean man came to China for business and resided in an apartment at downtown without residence registration.After verification by the police,he didn't have bad intentions and his residence time was short,so a warning was given.

In early August,an American man was investigated by the police due to the lack of residence registration.It was discovered that the man was a legal representative of a certain training organization,coming to China for business negotiation,and therefore residing in an apartment at the city.Based on the situation,a warning and a fine of 50 yuan was given.


According to second item of Article 19 of the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China,the police warns the foreigners that if they reside or stay in domiciles other than hotels,foreigners or the persons who accommodate them shall,within 24 hours after the foreigners'arrival,go through the registration formalities with the public security organs in the places of residence. 

Failure to do so in time would suffer from punishment and lose the rights of enjoying the convenient services like reminders of visa renewal offered by the police.Furthermore,it would influence their visa applications in China and resident permit in the future. 

What formalities should foreigners go through when they come to China?

According to the regulations of China’s Laws,after foreigners come to China,no matter they live in the hotels or friends'houses,they should go through the procedures of resident registration.And the specifications are as follows:

1.Foreigners resident in hotels,restaurants,hostels,guesthouses,school or any other enterprises, public institutions or Chinese organizations and bodies,should present the effective passport or resident certificates,and fill in the temporary resident form (Travelling certificate should be presented in the Non-open area).

2.Foreigners resident in Chinese residences',for those in urban area,within 24 hours after arrival,either foreigners or the persons who accommodate them,must bring the foreigner',passport and certificates with accommodation's household registration booklets to the local public security organizations for declaration,and fill in the the temporary resident form;For those in villages, must go to the local police office or registration booklets'offices for declaration in 72 hours.

3.Foreigners resident in foreign organizations or foreigners'in China, within 24 hours after arrival,no matter foreigners,foreign China-resident organizations or China-resident foreigners who keep the foreigners,must bring the foreigner'passport and certificates to the local public security organizations for declaration,and fill in the the temporary resident form.

4.Foreigners who reside in China for long term and have to live in other places other than his or her residences in China,must declare for resident registration.

5.Foreigners resident in mobile accommodations,within 24 hours after arrival,must declare towards the local public security organizations.The organizations or people who provide foreigners with mobile accommodations,must declare towards the local public security organizations in 24 hours,too. 

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