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发表日期:2017-06-28  小编:系统管理员

First, if the company's business activity takes place outside the Hong Kong SAR,

the profit obtained from overseas profits, such as these profits do not need to pay profits tax

for the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.If business does not happen in Hong Kong place

that can apply for overseas earnings,the following points can verify whether the business in

Hong Kong occurred : suppliers and customers are not Hong Kong businessmen , the order process

is not signed in Hong Kong ,the goods not arrive at Hong Kong port, and never have any

transaction records in Hong Kong.

Second, conditions apply for overseas earnings and data that must be provided :

1   Organization structure chart of the company in the mainland, the mainland office address and area, number of employees on the      mainland, the employee's name, position and salary .

2   Buying and selling of goods categories .

3    A document describe your company how to find the supplier and how to decide the price.In meanwhile,you need to explain           how to process the products if you done through on cooperation .

4    Is there each purchase has signed a formal contract . If yes, please describe how to discuss the negotiation .

5    Explains how to deliver purchase order to suppliers , including location and contact person .

6    How and where the supplier arrange to delivery and inspect goods before shipping .

7    Have the goods shipped via Hong Kong. Are there inventories in Hong Kong.

8    The fund resource of company purchase and the purchase payment method .

9    The relationship of supplier,company directer and shareholder .

10  How to find customers and make wares price. If yes, please explain how to negotiate ,including location and contact person .

11  Each sales, is there any sign has the formal sales contract. If yes, please describe how the contract discussion, where and by           who drafted and signed.

12  How and where to receive customer orders.and who decide whether to accept the order.

13  The company how to arrange delivery to the customer.

14  Customer payment method.

15   Is there a link between customers with company, the company directors or shareholders .

16   Provide sale and purchase agreements of the highest two transactions, orders, signature confirmation of orders, other                      exchanges like discuss faxes,

       shipping documents and so on.


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