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Where are the wholesale markets of Guangzhou?

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If you are looking for business opportunities in Guangzhou. You must have a wide array of options for people, because the city presents a lucrative opportunity to make it big in the domain of entrepreneurship.

In Guangzhou,there are varies of wholesale markets. Now, please let Dada to introduce for you.

Cloth markets:

l Zhongda cloth market: the Zhongda metro station of line 8, majorly to sell original clothes, chains and buttons, if you want to open a clothing company, you could find the suitable rawmaterial in here

l Shahe cloth market: the Shahe Ding metro station of line 6, majorly to sell ready-made clothings, which has lots of trading clothings in this place, if you want to find the cheaper goods , absolutely here.

Jewelry markets:

l Leewan plaza: the Changsou Road metro station of line 1, you could find the Leewan plaza in the middle of Shangxia Qiu Road. Importantly, the majority of nature crystal flocks in the mall, it almost has exceed one hundred stores that you could find the best crystal in southeast China.

l Beijng Nan Road: the Beijng Nan metro station of line 6, in Beijng Nan Road you can find most of fashion design in hereby ,you may to extense your vision and find the newest design.There are at least have four jewelry markets here.

In this part, Dada has told you cloth and jewelry wholesale markets’ address and content,if you want to realize more informations, please sequentially focus on us, you can also tell your friends to focus our company official Wechat ,and welcome to contact us, Dada will succeed to help you build a company in Guangzhou and give more supports for your business.Do the best for you!

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