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Never worry about your BUSINESS again

We’re dedicated to provide professional services to help develop your business better in the future.

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What we do?

Over the years, Dada-HongKong has assisted and advised more than 3000 clients from more than 110 countries operating in a variety of industries and facing different challenges expanding into Hong Kongese and Chinese markets.

Company Registration, visa service, tax and accounting

We provide a full range of services starting from the company registration, getting you a visa, and accounting & tax services for companies who require a complete and properly constructed set of financial statements for their business purposes.

Local leading service provider

We are a local leading services provider, at Dada-HongKong we have a professional comprehensive suite of one-stop services which can be tailored to your unique business needs. Our team of qualified professionals has the expertise to help your business.

We can help you with:

Hong Kong Company Registration
Hong Kong Company Registration
Hong Kong Bank Account Opening
Hong Kong Bank Account Opening
Chinese Visa
Chinese Visa
Tax planning and advisory
Tax planning and advisory
Trademark and Patent
Trademark and Patent
Trading & Logistics
Trading & Logistics

About Us

Dada Investment Service Co. LTD was established in 2008. We provide customized business solutions to Foreign Investor and Foreign Capitalized Enterprises which is located in the flourishing financial business district, our headquarter enjoys great benefits.

We were officially granted the License of Trust or Company Service Provider on 21sSeptember, 2018 under the license number TC005214. Only those who have obtained a secretary service license can act as legal secretaries. Dada company is a diversified, all-round service business comprehensive company. Dada has a senior advisory team composed of senior professionals in accounting, finance, law and other industries. With rich experience and professional industry knowledge, Dada provides high-quality and efficient services to create the highest value. Through unremitting efforts, our company continuously expands and expands, and strives to provide customers with more abundant resources in the future and to provide the best business service platform for the vast number of distinguished customers with a good reputation and excellent service, we will be your trustworthy choice.

Why Choose Us?

  • Free Advice

    Every hour someone gets free professional and legal advice from Dada-HongKong.

  • Experienced Staff

    We have Helped more than 3000 clients to set up their businesses.

  • Fast Service

    With all the expertise we have, we know how to get things done pretty quickly.

Secretary Services

Legal secretaries are essential for the registration of a Hong Kong company. Dada Company provides services such as registered address, statutory secretaries, office telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail messages to clients.

Over the years, we've grown and significantly expanded our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Our history has provided us with a remarkable breadth of knowledge and expertise that is completely at your disposal. We not only deliver accounting and bookkeeping services, we deliver value

We are  a Professional agency approved by Government

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a mark that distinguishes one's own brand, goods or services from others' brands, goods, and services.

What is trademark registration?

The owner of a trademark submits an application for registration to the Trademark Office. After examination and verification, the Trademark Office shall have the sole right to use the trademark.

The Advantages of Trademarks Registration:

  • Market pass
    Necessary credentials of Micro-blog, WeChat certification, settled in Jingdong, shop No. 1 and Tmall.
  • Increase intangible property
    Improving the valuation of intangible property helps enterprises financing.
  • Brand protection shield
    The right to exclusive use is prevented from being registered preemptive.
  • Enhance brand reputation
    Enhance the reputation of the company or individual, enhance brand identification and purchase confidence.

Trademark Transfer

Trademark Transfer is the act of the trademark registrant to transfer the exclusive right to use the trademark to the other party within the validity period of the registered trademark.

What is a patent?

The protected exclusive rights and interests of the founder of an invention.

What is the patent application?

The patent application is a necessary procedure for obtaining a patent right. To obtain a patent right, the applicant shall submit an application to the State Patent Office, which shall approve the application and issue a certificate.

Patent Types:

  • Patent for Invention
  • Patent for Industrial Design
  • Patent for Utility Models

The advantages of registered patents

  • The scope of patent protection is extensive.
  • Effectively protect the achievements of the invention, occupy the market and increase profits.
  • Take the initiative in market competition and ensure the safety of production and sales.
  • The state has certain supportive policies for patent applications.
  • The embodiment of the strong power of an enterprise is an intangible asset and publicity.
  • As an important indicator of the listing and other reviews.


Providing services for more than 10 years with trust

Let us spend time taking care of your business, and you spend time to enjoy your life.


We have over 10 years of experience providing excellent financial advice.


We always handle challenges professionally and implement our solutions to suit your business needs


A qualified, enthusiastic team of experts are always here to help you with your business needs.