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What we do?
Over the years, Dada-HongKong has assisted and advised more than 3000 clients from more than 110 countries operating in a variety of industries and facing different challenges expanding into Hong Kongese and Chinese markets.
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  1. You can choose different regions and countries as your company name and it is easy to establish an international brand image;
  2. Local and offshore accounts are available, with free access to funds and profits and without foreign exchange control. All kinds of foreign currency can be transferred at any time, and the business of L/C is convenient and quick.
  3. A favorable tax system with low tax rate and only a few kinds of taxes. Only Profit Tax for the company one which needs to declare profit tax once a year only.
  4. Nature of business is basically unlimited, and any legal business can be operated without applying for another license. The follow-up company management is simple.
  5. The secretarial address can be operated without a physical registration address.
  6. As an international financial center, it has diversified financing channels.
  7. Signing free trade agreements with most developed countries which helps enterprises enter the European and American markets.
  8. Registration procedures are simple and quick, low threshold, low cost, and low maintenance fee.

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