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What is a trademark?

A trademark is a mark that distinguishes one's own brand, goods or services from others' brands, goods, and services.

What is trademark registration?

The owner of a trademark submits an application for registration to the Trademark Office. After examination and verification, the Trademark Office shall have the sole right to use the trademark.

The Advantages of Trademarks Registration:

  • Market pass
    Necessary credentials of Micro-blog, WeChat certification, settled in Jingdong, shop No. 1 and Tmall.
  • Increase intangible property
    Improving the valuation of intangible property helps enterprises financing.
  • Brand protection shield
    The right to exclusive use is prevented from being registered preemptive.
  • Enhance brand reputation
    Enhance the reputation of the company or individual, enhance brand identification and purchase confidence.

Trademark Transfer

Trademark Transfer is the act of the trademark registrant to transfer the exclusive right to use the trademark to the other party within the validity period of the registered trademark.

What is a patent?

The protected exclusive rights and interests of the founder of an invention.

What is the patent application?

The patent application is a necessary procedure for obtaining a patent right. To obtain a patent right, the applicant shall submit an application to the State Patent Office, which shall approve the application and issue a certificate.

Patent Types:

  • Patent for Invention
  • Patent for Industrial Design
  • Patent for Utility Models

The advantages of registered patents

  • The scope of patent protection is extensive.
  • Effectively protect the achievements of the invention, occupy the market and increase profits.
  • Take the initiative in market competition and ensure the safety of production and sales.
  • The state has certain supportive policies for patent applications.
  • The embodiment of the strong power of an enterprise is an intangible asset and publicity.
  • As an important indicator of the listing and other reviews.


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