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What we do?
Over the years, Dada-HongKong has assisted and advised more than 3000 clients from more than 110 countries operating in a variety of industries and facing different challenges expanding into Hong Kongese and Chinese markets.
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We are the choice of the top 500 global companies

We can help you with:

  • China Work Visa
  • China Green Card
  • China Family Visa
  • Hong Kong Visa

 Foreigners who applied for a work visa in China:

  • Can work legally in China and start a business
  • Stay in China for a long time
  • No restrictions on entry and exit times
  • Apply for a family residence in China

Foreigners who got permanent residence in China (Chinese green card) could enjoy the same treatment as local citizens.

  • There is no need for an additional visa to enter or leave China on the basis of valid passports and aliens' permanent residence identity cards.
  • Employment exemption from employment permit for foreigners can be simplified by registered enterprises.
  • Children can receive compulsory education at their place of residence.
  • Foreigners with green card an participate in social security and medical insurance and enjoy the relevant treatment. I can pay and use the housing provident fund.

Foreigners who got the family residence.

  • No need to be separated from the family.
  • Reduce the cost of visiting family.
  • Children live and study in China.

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